Marjorie Knowles Art  
  My Autobiography  

I was born in Chester, England in 1946. I had a normal education and left school at 16, my father not inclined to let girls go to university.  A few months later, due to a difficult home life, my twin sister and I left home and ventured into the big wide world unaided. During the next two years, whilst working in the Civil Service, I took evening classes to obtain ĎAí levels. Eventually, aged 21, I resigned from my hated Civil Service job belatedly entering university to gain teaching qualifications in education, biology and music.

I did show some artistic talent as a youngster which manifested itself in music. I had piano lessons as a child and violin lessons as an adult.  I became very proficient on both instruments. For many, many years I enjoyed the creativity associated with performing music as a member of the Hallam Symphonia and the Sheffield Symphony Orchestra. Unfortunately, a life of full time work teaching, combined with building and running my own cattery business, meant I hadnít the time to explore other creative activities. Never had I put pencil or paintbrush to paper until emigrating to Cyprus in the year 2000, with my now husband Christopher Solomon. From that moment an era of artistic blossoming followed, sprouting from an unopened kernel that had lain dormant within me all my life. And so it was that rather late in life my personal artistic journey began.

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