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  My Artistic Journey  

It was initially a pure accident that brought me to the visual arts. A friend in Cyprus suggested I went to a class making decorated boxes. Retired, footloose and fancy free, I had nothing better to do so off I went. The teacher, Judith Constantinou, a well-known water colourist, also ran painting classes. I enrolled and the rest, as they say, is history. The lid to Pandoraís art box had been opened and I revelled in it.

Since that moment in 2000, aided by several competent teachers, I have journeyed into another world.  Judith gave me invaluable guidance in the use of watercolours, however, I felt I needed to experience other mediums to broaden my creative knowledge and choices. With this in mind I later changed to art teacher Ellie Lestas who brought me mainly into contact with pencil, crayon and charcoal drawing. This built my confidence and taught me important rules regarding perspective and guidelines for transposing lifelike impressions onto paper.

My subjects included still life, representations of cloth and drapery, portrait work and landscapes. Success in portrait pieces made me realise I had a talent for accurate observation, crucial when drawing faces.  My strong love and affinity with animals then drew me to specialise more on animal portraits. Changing teachers again I had a brief encounter with Lorraine Spiro, an art teacher who taught me many basics regarding shape, form, shadows etc. This was not to last however as she moved away.

 Many artists use acrylic paints and I wondered if they would become my favourite creative medium. Under the guidance of Caroline Ludvic, my fourth and last teacher, I began most of my more serious animal portraits. Acrylics are a powerful medium, giving dynamic results, but the strong vibrant colours didnít always give me the softer blended textures that I craved. Caroline suggested I try pastels which would allow me to explore their more delicate effects. I fell in love with the coloured chalks, their blending abilities and their capacity to give me both strong colour and soft subtle tones. I use other mediums where appropriate but my greatest love has remained pastel work.

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